Welcome To Museums In Southwest Finland!

Southwest Finland has an immeasurably valuable and interesting artistic and cultural heritage. It ranges from Stone Age residences to the electronics industry. There are more than 100 museums in the area, from local and open-air museums to cultural-historical collections and art museums. They tell interesting stories about our past and help us understand the phenomena of the present.


The art and cultural history museums of Southwest Finland can be found on one website! Museums, exhibitions and events can be explored in more detail on the tabs that present them, and the location can be easily found on the museum map.

Valkoinen purjevene Suomen Joutsen Aurajoen rannassa, takana nostureita vastakkaiselta rantapenkalta
Louhisaaren valkoinen kartanolinna näkyy metalliaidan ja -portin takana puistotien päässä.
Kolme hevosta laitumella